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Welcome to TMNT-AllStories

Welcome to the group

This group is solely for submitting TMNT stories and TMNT related fan fiction (please no artwork.) The purpose of this group is so TMNT Fans can find fan Fiction & Comics of all types from CC to OC to even human TMNT characters.

We accept cannon characters, OC, Human tmnt, crossovers and more.

We do accept t-cest and mature rated stories and comics but if you do submit any such stories, please make sure the mature rating is set and some warning.


1) We accept all TMNT Fan Fictions & Comics from CC, OC, Human TMNT, Crossovers, T-cest… as well in languages other then english.
2) All folders have stories ranging from PG to R (please make sure your stories have appropriate warnings if they are over PG.)
3) Please submit stories & comics to the appropriate folders.
4) Only Comics that have a story to it will be accepted to the group. (So comics that only have images but no text are not accepted)
5) No Trolls, haters, or spasm
6) No Advertisements
7) Have fun!

Any one can Join even if you don’t create fan fictions or Comics!


Fan Fiction Folders

1) CC folders contain stories that are based or POV around that CC.
(Example: A fic that is about Donnie is placed the Donatello folder)

2) OC folders are stories that are based or POV around an OC.
(Example your OC story is about meeting Leo, but the story is told by the OC POV.)

3) Group stories go to the group folder
(Sample your story is based around Mikey and Leo POV or more go there)

4) Human versions of the turtles stories placed in the Human Folder

5) Turtle Tot Stories go to the Turtle tot Folder.

6) Any T-cest please put it in the T-cest folder

7) Any X Readers please put it in the X Reader folder

8) Any stories that are not in English please put it in the Non-English folder

9) Any contest or information related to fan fiction or comics please put in the Contest and other info folder

10) Other Folder is for any stories that you're not sure where to put, I will move them in the appropriate folder later if they fit in any of the other folders, but I will consult you before doing so.

(If you're not sure what folder you think your story fits in then go with the folder you believe suits it best. For instance if you have a story that is mainly about Donnie and has a lot of POV of your OC you can put it in OC or Donnie's folder; you're the writer and you know best and I trust you would pick the right folder. I hope this helps with some of the confusion that some members are having.)

Comics Folders

1) CC comic folders contain stories that are based or POV around that CC.
(Example: A comic that is about Donnie is placed the Donatello comic folder)

2) T-Cest Comic folder - contains all t-cest comics

3) TMNT-Group Comics folder - is for the comics that have the whole gang or two or more.

4) Other Comic folder - Contains all comics that doesn't follow the other folders rules.

5) Comics that are not in English please put it in the non-English comic folder.

Picture-Stories and Story Cover folder Rules

This folder will allow any entries that are images (not comics or covers) but art pieces that have within the description some form of story or poem. The group will not accept such pieces that only have some form of description only about the image. It has to be some kind of story like any other fan fiction. Alternatively, covers made for fanfics may also be added here, provided they contain a link to the story they are for within the description, be it a link for the story on this site or another.

Not sure how to submit a piece to the group? Here are some tutorials that people put up that can help.

Tutorial to submit through the group

Tutorial to submit through the piece (only way for journals)

How to use Stash Writer for stories Writer Tutorial: Literature Deviations by HugQueen

If there is any questions please note me.



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Gallery Folders

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Fallen Comic by JayJayRey
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TMNT same as it never was aftershock by fles

All the votes are in
and here we are!

First before we announce the winners. I like to thank all participant for taking part:

babygirl127  Zelgadis55  HyperPoplap Cho-Sapphire  Gaaralovesmemore1  IllyDragonfly  orangebarmy

Thank you for taking the time to write these wonderful stories on our lovable LH! It was nice to see so many different pairings and the story that blossom from it.

We also would like to thank all that voted to help use figure out our winners. I know it wasn't easy!

Now no further interruptions, now to our winners!


:iconbabygirl127:  Maybe TomorrowMaybe Tomorrow
Summary: Leo tried to find the courage to tell his friend how he feels
Nervous toes tapped anxiously against the ground as Leo looked around the modestly furnished and decorated house of one of his family’s closest friends. Leatherhead had been been an ally of the Hamato family ever since Mikey had been able to calm things down between everyone and Leo had travelled to his friend’s house to visit him for the afternoon.
Despite the trust and friendship between them Leo still couldn’t stop the butterflies from fluttering about in his stomach. It wasn’t very often that it was just he and LH alone together. Most often times it was the mutant crocodile and Don spending quality time together given the similar interests that they shared. Being alone with the larger mutant, though nice, still felt very strange to Leo.
Leo was grateful that at the moment Leatherhead had his back to him while he worked at preparing two cups of tea for them to share a

Congratulations you win 100Points and this cool Badge!
TMNT allstories LHC 4th Babygirl127 by sampsonknight


:iconillydragonfly:  GuardianLeatherhead rubbed his head, puzzled.
It all started with a patrol in the sewers to map and divide them in more or less safe zones considering a possible human presence, and instead he met them.
Honestly, at first Leatherhead thought it was a cleaning crew shambling down in the sewers and not the turtles he knew and befriended. It was quite unexpected but it was more scary when it was a realization what was going on with the four turtles standing before him, uncertain and yet appearing as if they were lost. They were covered with dust and scratches, and even if they still had their weapons they looked as harmless as a basket of kittens.
"What's my name?" The ninja with the blue mask asked, while the smallest one just jumped on Leatherhead's tail and climbed the giant alligator like a tree.
"I'm tireeeed!" He sighed, hugging the tall scaly shoulders. "Where are we going?"
"I think I'm experiencing a TBI and walking doesn't help for sure." The taller and slimmer turtle sighed, rubbing hi

Congratulations you win 200 Points and this cool Badge!
TMNT allstories LHC 3rd Illydragonfly by sampsonknight


:iconorangebarmy:  CalmDisclaimer: I do not own TMNT sadly
Summary: Leatherhead helps calm down a certain turtle
Pairing: Leatherhead/Raphael
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Light slash - don't like don't read
Note: This is for :iconTMNT-AllStories: Leatherhead Pairing Contest
Leatherhead lifted his scale covered head and his nostrils twitched as he sensed a change in the atmosphere around his lair. His eyes flicked down to the plants he was carefully tending to, cultivating them under the UV lamps which Donatello had painstakingly restored for him, making sure they were safe to leave unattended.
Seeing everything was fine with his little garden the large mutated crocodile lumbered out of the converted train car he had turned into a greenhouse and into the main area of his lair. His reptilian eyes took in his underground home seeing everything was as it should be.
With a frown Leatherhead lifted his snout again and sniffed at the air, his tongue even flicking out to taste the air using more of his senses to identify

Congratulations you win 300 Points  and this cool Badge!
TMNT allstories LHC 2nd Orangebarmy by sampsonknight


:iconzelgadis55:  'AOtGO' - Besties Ch 1
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and all related characters belong to Nickelodeon.
Summary: 'The crocodile mutant sniffed the air, coming to a halt. Suddenly he turned, facing the couch Mikey was crouched on and, looking directly into his eyes, rumbled warily, “Who are you?”.' When Mikey is left home alone, an unexpected visitor turns up. No OC's. 2k3/2k12 crossover.
Comments, thoughts and concrit is always welcome.
A/N: While this story is set in 'AOtGO' continuity approximately 2 weeks after 'Far From Home', it is completely stand alone. Anyone can read it.
This story is created for the :iconTMNT-Allstories: Leatherhead Pairing Contest on Deviant Art. Taken from the announcement journal – Write any story that focuses on Leatherhead and his pairing partner. It doesn't have to be romantic or sexy, it can be any genre.
'AOtGO' – Besties
Ch 1
Date : 13th Jan
Michelangelo was BORED!
He sat sullenly on the couch, tapping his fingers staccat

Congratulations for getting First Place!!
You win a one month core enjoy! 

& 100 Points  Also this cool badge!
TMNT allstories LHC 1st Zelgadis55 by sampsonknight

Congratulations to all the winners!

But that is not all! For everyone that took part receives a badge too!
TMNT allstories LHC Hyperpoplap by sampsonknightTMNT allstories LHC gaaralovesmemore1 by sampsonknightTMNT allstories LHC cho-sapphire by sampsonknight
Thanks again to everyone that took part you all did great!


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