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Welcome to TMNT-AllStories

Welcome to the group

This group is solely for submitting TMNT stories and TMNT related fan fiction (please no artwork.) The purpose of this group is so TMNT Fans can find fan Fiction & Comics of all types from CC to OC to even human TMNT characters.

We accept cannon characters, OC, Human tmnt, crossovers and more.

We do accept t-cest and mature rated stories and comics but if you do submit any such stories, please make sure the mature rating is set and some warning.


1) We accept all TMNT Fan Fictions & Comics from CC, OC, Human TMNT, Crossovers, T-cest… as well in languages other then english.
2) All folders have stories ranging from PG to R (please make sure your stories have appropriate warnings if they are over PG.)
3) Please submit stories & comics to the appropriate folders.
4) Only Comics that have a story to it will be accepted to the group. (So comics that only have images but no text are not accepted)
5) No scripts or RPG style stories. (Such as <Donnie took a walk.> Donnie: Hi )
6) No Trolls, haters, or spasm
7) No Advertisements
8) Have fun!

Any one can Join even if you don’t create fan fictions or Comics!


Fan Fiction Folders

1) CC folders contain stories that are based or POV around that CC.
(Example: A fic that is about Donnie is placed the Donatello folder)

2) OC folders are stories that are based or POV around an OC.
(Example your OC story is about meeting Leo, but the story is told by the OC POV.)

3) Group stories go to the group folder
(Sample your story is based around Mikey and Leo POV or more go there)

4) Human versions of the turtles stories placed in the Human Folder

5) Turtle Tot Stories go to the Turtle tot Folder.

6) Any T-cest please put it in the T-cest folder

7) Any X Readers please put it in the X Reader folder

8) Any stories that are not in English please put it in the Non-English folder

9) Any contest or information related to fan fiction or comics please put in the Contest and other info folder

10) Other Folder is for any stories that you're not sure where to put, I will move them in the appropriate folder later if they fit in any of the other folders, but I will consult you before doing so.

(If you're not sure what folder you think your story fits in then go with the folder you believe suits it best. For instance if you have a story that is mainly about Donnie and has a lot of POV of your OC you can put it in OC or Donnie's folder; you're the writer and you know best and I trust you would pick the right folder. I hope this helps with some of the confusion that some members are having.)

Comics Folders

1) CC comic folders contain stories that are based or POV around that CC.
(Example: A comic that is about Donnie is placed the Donatello comic folder)

2) T-Cest Comic folder - contains all t-cest comics

3) TMNT-Group Comics folder - is for the comics that have the whole gang or two or more.

4) Other Comic folder - Contains all comics that doesn't follow the other folders rules.

5) Comics that are not in English please put it in the non-English comic folder.

Picture-Stories and Story Cover folder Rules

This folder will allow any entries that are images (not comics or covers) but art pieces that have within the description some form of story or poem. The group will not accept such pieces that only have some form of description only about the image. It has to be some kind of story like any other fan fiction. Alternatively, covers made for fanfics may also be added here, provided they contain a link to the story they are for within the description, be it a link for the story on this site or another.

Not sure how to submit a piece to the group? Here are some tutorials that people put up that can help.

Tutorial to submit through the group

Tutorial to submit through the piece (only way for journals)

How to use Stash Writer for stories Writer Tutorial: Literature Deviations by HugQueen


NEW MINI BATTLES MONTHLY! Please check out the group for more info.

Other Groups

The first TMNT Literature base group on DA!

TMNT Discussion Group, (great interesting Discussion on TMNT)

it's a great community to get involved with!

TMNT Grouple by tobysq
Your TMNT Group Listings

If there is any questions please note me.



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~The darkest nights~ TMNT Fan Book

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 23, 2017, 6:41 PM

~The Darkest Nights~

It is the dark side of TMNT that we have seen in so many clips throughout the shows and comics. Now it's time for a fan book that is devoted to that side; from gore to suspense, torture to death, twisted fates and the unnatural (Vampires, were-turtles, zombies, oh my!) but not limited to those, of course. It could even be classic horror, where one turtle goes mad and does horrific deeds, or another loses their marbles altogether, becoming a psychopath.

General Rules

Who can take part?

Anyone that is within the TMNT Fandom and part of DA or Tumblr and is over 18 years of age. This book will contain subject matter that will not be suitable for younger viewers. 

There are some requirements regarding submission and quality control as well. Please read the following general rules, Fan fiction guidelines and Art guidelines.

  • The entered piece can't be something that already exists. It needs to be new and unseen. So please, if you submit a piece do not post it until the fan book is out. Once it is released, you are more than welcome to post it and even promote the book.

  • Please do not post WIPs of the artwork leading up to the fan book publishing.

  • Art, comics and fictions are welcome.

  • This fan book is focused on everything horror, supernatural and the like. Therefore, please only submit works that fit with the theme; so no works that are just the guys sitting around talking or making out, for example. There must be some element of darkness to it, whether one is a vampire, one has gone off the deep end, one is being haunted, tortured or even possesses unnatural talents that corrupt them. So basically, if you can't see it as some form of horror or supernatural, it will not work.

  • There is no limitation on what TMNT universe the work(s) are based on. 

  • NO OCs. However, fill in characters are allowed. The difference between an OC and a fill in character is that OCs are developed characters you created for your works and the TMNT universe you play in. Fill in characters are a one time character you create, or borrow (from lore and so on.) to play a role that can't be played by any canon characters. 

    For example, you need a ghost in the story, well that is your fill in character. Another good example is, say you use a god or a supernatural being (ghoul, yōkai, kappa, zombie...) from lore and myths from other cultures. Those are fill in characters, not OCs. 

  • No Crossovers. However, AU is welcome as is anything based on lore and myths. Just no crossing over to other fandoms is asked here. This does not apply to crossing over TMNT Universes, that is allowed. Usagi is the only one that has an exception to this rule.

  • Stories and art can be rated anywhere from G to NC17.  

  • T-cest, yaoi and yuri are allowed.

  • Participants can choose to contribute at any point, as long as all work is in by the due date. If you need to pull out, that is okay too, but please let us know if you need to.

  • Participants may submit up to three pieces of any combination of art, comics and fan fiction.

Art submissions

Art submissions may be in comic form or just a drawing. They must be completed; no WIPs, screenshots, dolls, 3D models or drawings that are on lined paper. 

  1. Illustration minimum size is 1294 x 2225 pixels at 150dpi, but we prefer larger at 300dpi.

  2. Art can be full color, detailed sketches (make sure they are clean and not mistaken as WIPs), plain line art (clean as well), shaded, monochrome, black and white.

  3. Please limit comics to a maximum of thirteen pages. 

  4. If there is any text, please have someone check for spelling and grammar before submitting.

  5. Format preferred is png. Jpg is acceptable, but if there is text, png is clearer and sharper.

Fan Fiction Submissions

All fan fiction submissions have to be a minimum of 500 words with the maximum word count of 5000. Must be written in the English language.
  1. Stories can't be a continuation of a previous work. It needs to be a stand-alone story where readers can read and enjoy it without looking back to your old works to make out what is going on.

  2. If the story needs some explanation, please submit author notes for your readers. Many AUs might need a little explanation to help the readers. 

  3. Must have a title and any tag warnings you believe are necessary. If there is major character death, please include a warning. Although, if you believe it will ruin the story, you can always state 'death is possible'. This will warn people that there may be death but without saying if it is major or minor. 

  4. Please check grammar and spelling. If you need to, and it is recommended, have someone proof read your work before submitting. If we believe a story hasn't been proofed to the point that there are too many mistakes that should have been corrected, we might ask you to fix them up before submitting it again. Remember, people in the fandom will be reading this and yes, no one is perfect, but common minor mistakes that should have been caught and are wrong throughout the story isn't acceptable.

  5. Please submit all written works in rich text format.

Submission Deadline

September 30th 2017

The fan book will be distributed on October 31st for Halloween in a PDF format for people to download and enjoy. 

Where to Send Submissions

Please send submissions to or note me sampsonknight if you want to stick it in your stash for me to collect.

When submitting, please state any additional information you would like to use to promote yourself. Such as:
  1. Preferred Nickname
  2. Your links to your pages, even ones outside of DA and Tumblr

Questions? Or Interested?

Please contact me via note if you have any questions, inquiries or simply to give us a head's up that you're interested in taking part. Or you can comment below too. :)

© Design & Program by: sampsonknight

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I have a serious question about the what folder I should submit my fic series to. It has an OC who is more of a side character than a main BUT is Mostly based on the Turtles lives as they become adults. Its Written from the POV of all of the charicters that that chapter is based around ( IE... Splinter, Usagi W/ OC as side chaticter).
sampsonknight Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2016
Basically what I tell everyone, the folder you put it in is what people are looking for and you believe fits best for the story. For sample say Leo is the main character for say 4 chapters and 5th is Raph. So you want Leo fans to find the first four consider it is on him and the 5th can go to Raph's folder or group if you want. If your story is mostly OC then I say OC, but, you have a mix of characters that are a huge part of the main story and focus, then go with the group folder. Like I said its really up to the writer which folder they truly believe their story fits in, for they have to think who is the story for what fans and what folder will be best suited for other people to find it. I have done in the pass too was put chapters into folder best fits on what character POV in that chapter, other times I just give in and place it in the group for its a pain at times lol.
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May I join?
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Of course sent an invite.
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One question, how do I submit a story?
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